The Dap X Hose

Sometimes that word makes our skin crawl, doesn’t it? There are a few reasons that people detest using hoses in and out of their homes.

  • They’re bulky
  • They’re heavy
  • They’re unsightly
  • They get kinks
  • They’re inflexible
  • They’re expensive
  • They take up way too much space
  • They’re ugly
  • They’re difficult to use

You’ve complained about these things before, right? Yes, so have I. What if there was a way to make hoses less of a hassle to work with? Would we use them more? I know I would.

DAP has come out with a pair of solutions for people who need hoses but don’t want to deal with the hassles that come with hoses. You’ve probably seen them on TV, and they are definitely an option if you are looking to make your hose experiences simpler. These solutions are known as the DAP X Hose and the DAP X Hose Pro.

The X Hose

The X Hose is a patented piece of hose technology that has revolutionized the world of hoses. Hoses have really bad reputations, as you can see above, and there are a lot of reasons to dislike them. Well, dislike them no more! The DAP X Hose makes it a lot simpler because of its design.

The design is simple – there are two layers to the hose. The outer layer is durable webbing that prevents the inner layer from kinking up. If I know gardeners as well as I think I do, there are probably a few of you lining up to buy an X Hose now. This is probably the most annoying thing about using a hose, and the 2-layer technology stops it in its tracks. The webbing also keeps the inner hose safe from leaks and tears, and it makes it easier to store.

The inner layer is pretty neat. Imagine a rubber band – when you pull a rubber band, it stretches. When you let go, it contracts back to its original size. That’s how the inner layer of rubber tubing works. The entire hose starts at a length that’s about half the size of the hose you’re buying (25 feet is 12.5 feet, 50 feet is 25 feet, and 75 feet is around 37.5 feet). Then, you hook it up to a faucet or spigot and watch the magic. As the water fills the hose, the hose expands to its full length. The best part? Turn the water off and drain the hose- it contracts back to close its original size, just like that rubber band!

The X Hose is available in three sizes and has plastic attachments on the female (connecting) end that allow it to connect to the spigot or faucet effectively and without problems. Some people do complain about the plastic connector, but many customers use it without any issues at all. There is also a toggle switch which allows you to adjust water flow as you need to.

The X Hose Pro

Need something a little more heavy-duty? The DAP X Hose Pro may be the answer for you. The outside webbing is a lot more durable than that on the original X Hose, but allows for the same flexibility and makes it so you don’t have to deal with kinks or twists in your hose while using it. It weighs a bit more, but 2 pounds is still nothing compared to normal and industrial sized hoses. It uses the same inner and outer layer technology, just with stronger, more durable materials.

There are a couple more things that the X Hose Pro has that the X Hose doesn’t.

  • Because of the inner layer’s stronger material, it can cast a stronger spray and hold more pressure
  • The connectors are brass instead of plastic, making it more durable
  • The inside is ¾ inch diameter, which also allows for a more powerful spray

So, more power, more durability, but without compromising flexibility, size, and storability. The XHose Pro is a bit more expensive than the original DAP X Hose, but it’s definitely worth the investment, and it’s still cheaper than the garden hoses you get from hardware stores.

So, will you?

There are a lot of reasons to consider either the X Hose or X Hose Pro for all of your hose needs. In your home, in your camper or RV, around the farm or at your place of work, the X Hose and X Hose Pro have the potential to meet all of your hose needs. After checking out the Dap X Hose and X Hose Pro’s stories, will you consider using one of them for your home or workplace? Check out the reviews and make a choice that could revolutionize your hose use forever.

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